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Expand Your Reach With Multi Channel Selling

To be competitive in todays fast paced world of online selling one thing is true above all else.. visibility is king. With so many different marketplaces and online areas of opportunity it is simply not enough to just have a website if you want to be highly successful.

Here at Skus Digital we have a weapon in our arsenal that helps to level the playing field and drastically extend the reach of our clinets online presence, M2ePro. This amazing addon for the Magento platform allows complete control of Ebay, Amazon & Rakuten marketplaces straight from the back office of your website whilst drastically cutting down on the manual actions needed to achieve this.

Take a look at a few of the advantages..

Multi-Channel Advantages


Ebay Integration


Amazon Integration


Rakuten integration


Listing Control

M2ePro can help take your selling to the next level across multiple marketplaces

And Even More Features


Accounts Integrations


Courier Integrations


Email Marketing Integration


Pricing & Stock Controls

Agile, intelligent integrations & automation help increase productivity whilst cutting down manual actions.


Inventory Control & Sync

Stop manually updating available stock across ebay, amazon, rakuten & your website as M2ePro does this automatically at the point of each sale, seamlessly updating or revising your active listings.

  • Auto Stock Management
  • Run Seperate Stock Values on Channels
  • No More Manual Changes

Rapid Listing Deployment

Using a mapping system from Magento records M2ePro allows you to create thousands of unique listings, descriptions, image variants, titles and a whole lot more in a matter of seconds, rapidly increasing your visibility.

  • Rapid Tagging Based Template System
  • Supports Description & Listing Designs
  • Quickly Increase Number of Listings


Centralised Control

Control all aspects of your online selling in the same way and place you deal with website sales, a singlular system makes it quicker and more efficient to sell and assist with easier staff uptake of business processes.

  • Oders, Delivery, Refunds & Returns
  • Couriers, Accounts & Email Marketing
  • A Single Simple & Intuitive Interface

Integrated Automations

One of the great advantages of using M2ePro is the level of automation it offers allowing you to cut down on the level of manual actions needed to successfuly run a multi channel business. With intelligent rules created around your individual needs you can automate or semi automate actions, depending on yyour needs, like relisting, replenishing stock numbers, order processing, creating delivery & shipment labels, sending order notification emails or promotional emails and much more.

This goes a step further in many areas like being able to automatically send customer and sales information directly into accountacy packages like Sage, Quick File and other popular packages, saving you countless hours of time each day.


A Customised Solution

Magento combined with M2ePro offers unparalled customisation making it ideal for small and large businesses alike. Our streamlined, customer focused process gives us the ability to create a truly customised solution for your online activities, creating the best in class multi channel solution combined with all of the features and functionality you require to move your multi channel selling to the next level.

Counting Costs

Unlike similar multi channel control providers like Channel Grabber, Linn Works or Bright Pearl the M2ePro system offers amoungst the lowest ongoing costs of any system. With a clear chart of charges you always know where you stand and what you are going to be paying. The system is completely Free to use for copmanys who’s Ebay, Amazon & Rakuten combined monthly sales do not exceed £10,000.

Take a deeper look at the costs based on your selling levels below.


Charges for smaller businesses or new starters, monthly allowance is combined across Ebay, Amazon & Rakuten.

£4.00 per additional £1,000 in sales outside of monthly allowance.

  • £0 per month – up to £9,999 sales
  • £34 per month – £10,000 in sales
  • £68 per month – £20,000 in sales


Charges for more established businesses or growing accounts, monthly allowance is combined across Ebay, Amazon & Rakuten.

£4.00 per additional £1,000 in sales outside of monthly allowance.

  • £136 per month – £40,000 in sales
  • £204 per month – £60,000 in sales
  • £340 per month – £100,000 Sales


Charges for large high volume accounts, monthly allowance is combined across Ebay, Amazon & Rakuten.

£4.00 per additional £1,000 in sales outside of monthly allowance.

  • £680 per month – £200,000
  • £999 per month – £400,000
  • Bespoke Pricing – £400,000+

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