Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is to some a necessary evil. We are asked a lot to give a knee jerk estimated cost. We simply refuse, we cannot price something up without discussing your needs properly.

Many companies will come to us without an internal brief, but how can we be expected to price something up if you haven’t got the basics yourselves.

We work back from the end result and cost it using our experience and time served staff. Web development is a time based cost, how long the individual team members need to work on your project, timescales and your budget comes into this as well. So the more information you give us the quicker we can “price your work up”

The simple and unwavering answer is no. We have a qualifying situation for our customers and choose who we work with. The offer of your work with no investment by you give a project no motivation your end. When we work with a company we treat it like ur own, put our blood sweat and tears into it, and ask that you pay in instalments to ensure that relationship is fluid.

Would you ask a painter to paint the whole of your house and pay him if you likes it……

Timescales are based on the brief, time we know the development will take. However there are a lot of elements you the customer must engage in, such as content, sign off, delivery of data. All these things can push a project past its deadline.

We use Agile project management which allows us to communicate much more than other agency’s also giving us a fighting chance at any deadline as we are communicating so much we drive you to get what we need.

Basic rule of thumb. If everything is supplied and we get great communication and quick sign off we can deliver a Magento Website in 4-6 weeks. WordPress in 3-6 weeks.

Lead generation is a science, if you have all the right elements it works, website, converting landing pages, social and traditional marketing strategy with a well trained call centre handling your calls to bring in the deals. We can help with all areas, but it takes time, research and focus. All we will provide if you have a realistic budget. We cannot get you to the top of google tomorrow for Chair, but we could work hard to get you leads through for ” rattan outdoor garden chairs” which would convert better as its more specific>

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