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No business can survive without attracting new customers while galvanising relationships with existing business. Even the most established use tabloids TV and digital marketing to generate new interest. We can help research the best solutions for you, and work in time to create a cost effective way to generate leads that help you grow.

It takes a lot of research into the client and specific target markets.
We use our expertise to give us a starting point and work with the client to the short term strategy, then Mid to Long term. Regular meetings and targets are key!


Pay Per Click

PPC is a very different animal now, and can cause may a sleepless night. This is just because of the work to be done initially setting up Google Webmaster Tools, and the analytics set up properly. Many agency’s don’t consider the UX, or user journey. It takes years of experience to run PC successfully and we are lucky to have some of the best in the business on our team.

All Major Search engines, Facebook ads.

Social Media Marketing

It’s all about targeting. You can generate leads much more cost effectively via social Media. We specialise in creating leads using Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Linked In. Its key to work on improving the cost per conversion, which we do month on month.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, Google+, YouTube & Many more.


Link Earning & Building


SEO has changed dramatically. This means as always you have to try and beat the system. We have some of the most experienced Search Engine Specialists in house. As long as you are realistic with both time and budget we can work together. And your positions will improve month on month, year on year.

Full Search engine marketing strategies

Following the release of the well known and dreaded Panda & Penguin updates from Google many people think thatlink building is dead and burried, you couldnt be more wrong.. Detailed analysis shows that links are still a heavily weighted factor in highly ranked websites, the difference these days is simple.. “quality”.

Simply adding links isn’t going to get you anywhere other than on Google’s spam radar but by carefully choosing which links & types you use and where these are placed can have a major impact on ranking. By mixing this technique with carefully, user focused content you can also rapidly earn links from highly prized sources causing your rankings and overall visibility to skyrocket.

Content Development & Curation

One aspect of digital marketing has always been crowned king – content. Users, potential customers and leads will, most often, find your website because of the content you have produced on your blog, Facebook account, Instagram or Pinterest channels. Google has alsways been clear that a high factor of website rankings and visibility is content but the trick here is not to just churn out content for the sake of content but to produced highly researched, user focused content that adds value to a customers journey or answers questions they may have along this journey.

Skus can help you create highly engaging and user focused content in many forms and we also have expertise in “content curation” allowing you to become not only a content creator but an industry leading source of information by curating, organising and summarising the most popular and important information from your industry or sector.

Brand & Reputation Management

Having wide ranging online visibility is one thing but what about the reputation of your brand? Do you answer customer feedback, positvie & negative? Many companies have ruined all of the hard work they have done with digital marketing campaigns by ignoring client & customer feedback or being ignorant to its importance in the online world of reviews and online social interactions.

Skus can help you regain customer confidence, find online issues or opinions that could be holding you back, show that you are customer service focused and always on hand to help, advise customers or adapt to the fast paced changes todays online world throws at your business.

Video Creation

Video is integral for any successful marketing campaign, the potential client is given huge amounts of information in a short burst or which the recall much more easily. Your eyes see your brain reacts quickly and on a much more emotional level than written text. We are all driven by emotions, “I want that” “Why haven’t I got this” This creates a brand bond and you will have won a potential customer or lost them based on the quality of offering.

Motion Graphic’s + Animation

Motion Graphic and animation are very powerful marketing tools. Used to generate interest and shares on social media as well as getting hits on You Tube and all other social interactions. We can develop an intro for your website or pitch to a company, as far as you want to think out of the box, don’t worry we can deliver.

“Paying out to someone for your marketing is pointless without reporting. The guys are on the end of the phone, or come and see us to discuss what we should be doing to cut down our cost per conversion. I have to admit I didn’t even know what that meant after working with our last company for 18 Months.” Mike Cunningham, MD Luxury Bedding online.

Feature Section

It takes a lot of research into the client and specific target markets. We use our expertise to give us a starting point and work with the client to the short term strategy, then Mid to Long term. Regular meetings and targets are key!


Lead Generation

B2B + B2C.
Data Collection or purchase.
Email Marketing.
Text message campaigns.

Search Engine, Pay Per Click

Analytics Set up & management
Target Market Research
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click

Social Media Marketing.

Full design and management
Facebook. + Twitter. + Linked in.
Pinterest. Google +
Vimeo + You Tube.

Full Hosting Solutions

Website hosting and management
Email set up, management
Website Maintenance services
Server Maintenance services
Dedicated server set up


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