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The team love to talk things through, even if its just advise your after, we are here, thats no problem. If you decide to work with us we have won the business naturally and with mutual respect and understanding. So please call us today to discuss your issue, digital dreams, we can help I assure you check out our trust pilot review’s !

Keep Scrolling down to find out more!The SKU'S Digital Team.

We had been let down consistently by our last developer. While complaining to a drop shipping client they told us about the team at Sku’s. Happy to say after working with them stress levels are down, our profits are up and our new Magento website is amazing!

Cheers guys! Mike Cunningham

Understand our Processes

Building the foundations.

Building the foundations. The Design and development phase. This is a very important time for you to be available regularly. Our process is all about fruitful communication, our head of design will give you clarity, pitch ideas and your specific team will be in contact and always arrange the next time they need feedback! We need to go through this stage without delay. So no holidays at this time please people! We will apply our Agile project management solution allowing consistent communication and delivery.

Design and Visual delivery

Our experience matched with an understanding of your project, target market and your brand, we will create a visually mobile friendly online identity to separate you from your peers. The design stage is again key; the design is based on the brief we have put time and effort into and will be close visually to discussions already had, using the most relevant tactical developments features and importantly mobile ready.

Marketing Strategy

We don’t wait till the websites live! This is something we have been looking into and researching since the first time you gave us a briefing document. We know what you need by this point and the website has been assessed by the marketing team, and some SEO mark-up has been done. At this point we will supply you with a marketing proposal. Why now before the website is live? Well why not start with traffic and a perfectly search engine ready website? Why not understand the marketing budget and get it ready to go, a website is worthless unless it has targeted traffic, and we all understand the best way for you to convert that into new and re-visiting business!

Development Phases

Dependent on the type of website you are having built we will have a number of foundation development phases being carried out. There is a lot of time spend creating both the design and back end development which eventually will be tested signed off and delivered your shiny new website. Due to our Agile project management you will have lots of input, training and product and content styling to discuss. This again is crucial and needs your focus, this is such an exciting phase!.

Beta testing – And LAUNCH!

We know it’s been built properly by our team’s. We know it looks amazing, but just like anything built properly our websites are tested thoroughly! Then we want your feedback, so you test it as well. The tech, functionality and user journey are key to success online. And so we will need to get this signed off and then we can pass it to the marketing team to do their checks and its ready to go to the next stage……LAUNCH!

Ongoing website support and Maintenance packages

When the websites live and you have the reins, is our job over? NO WAY! No we are the professional back up you have always needed, we will offer you a package that is tailored to you. If you have people in-house we have already done some training with that can continue. If not we can do all the work for you, this is never a finished product, a website should be constantly updated, with fresh visuals, offers. We need to work on improving conversion, cutting down marketing spend and cost per accusation all key to a better bottom line.

4 Steps to Enlightenment

Step 1: Working on your brief

Fishing for your digital story. This is the most valuable and important phase. So many agencies don’t spend enough time focusing on this part of the development journey. This is all about the focus on the main direction you are going in, your specific goals, target market. Armed with our experience and this information we are off to a flying start.

Step 2.Your Briefing document.

After digging into the project with more communication we love face to face and will have a meeting is logical for all concerned, with the aim of collecting more information, going through the goals and focus you have detailed in your initial briefing document. This is the main preparation to enable us to be able to price the work up based on our development schedule timeframes and your realistic budget.

Step 3. Specification sign off / Version 1 Proposal

Armed with all of this information, timescales and budget we can really start to get some digital meat on the bone. You have a really good understanding of the process by this point and depending on logistics and your availability we would have met at least once by this point, your specification is signed off and so this is put together into a version 1 proposal.

Step 4. Proposal + Spec Sign off. Pricing Agreed = Sign off

Proposal + Pricing = Sign off We have all the information and have asked you a number of different ways what you want, completed the briefing document which has been signed off and all technology applications and delivery timescales applied to the proposal. Which in turn has been discussed and signed off, prices discussed and an agreement reached. WELCOME ONBOARD! Now we can really show you how good we are!
Can you guess what SKUS stands for ? Keeping Unit, something all eCommerce website owners will understandThe Skus Bear

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